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The new *modular* modular synthesizer case has arrived!

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The new *modular* modular synthesizer case has arrived!

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You may have seen these beautiful steel cases in the wild at a number of prominent studios and education facilities around the country, but now that we’ve been able to fulfil all of our pre-orders, we are ready to release these magnificent creations to the public!

The new AVS-CASE-1 is an 84HP Eurorack-style modular synthesizer case of solid steel construction, with removable 19″ ears for standard racks. They are built with lipped rails, loaded with custom, stainless steel threaded inserts, and every case comes with a custom-built precision-tuned linear power supply and toroidal transformer to cover all of your power needs with the lowest noise and interference. There are 18 power slots included (upgradable to 25), and each case comes with removable panels and symmetrical mounting holes for attaching multiple cases, so that your cases can grow as your system grows!

Say 'no!' to cheap, shoddily built cases and skiffs, annoying sliding nuts, noisy and inaccurate off-the-shelf switched-mode power supplies, and needing to sell your old case every time you want to upgrade the size of your system.

For pictures and more information, check out the product page at https://avonsynth.com/avs-case-1/, or feel free to ask me any questions about them right here :D



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