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Theremin - Some useful Links

It's no secret that learning to play the theremin takes lots of practice. Learn more here!

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Theremin - Some useful Links

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Moog Theremini

Many people start off with a Theremini - You can buy these from the Rockshop https://www.rockshop.co.nz/moog-music-e ... u-preorder and occassionally they appear on TradeMe

Therer is an editor for the theremini available for MAC devices in the App Store and you can ask Moog for the Windows version which they will send you. It makes a big difference being able to edit the presets easily with this

the following page ( https://www.animoog.org/theremini/ ) also contains some presets made by others which work on the Theremini - I've downloaded and tried them and all work fine but you will need the edtor to upload them to your Theremini

Open Theremin

If you're starting out then Open Theremin is probably the best and cheapest option to purchase - It will cost about $200 shipped to NZ - its a bit rough looking as its basically just a board and antenna kit but I got a back 3D printed for $3 and some proper control knobs for about 50c each to pretty it up a bit. It has a mount for a camera trupod and will require an adapter to fit on a Mic stand which is a better option

this is the web site https://www.gaudi.ch/OpenTheremin/ - it takes about a month to shop from switzerland to NZ

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