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Synth / Module repair

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Synth / Module repair

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I know this forum is in its infancy but plugging the word "repair" into search turned up nothing and i thought it may be a good idea to get a database (perhaps a separate thread or sticky) which lists all currently active synth repair businesses/people in Aotearoa. I have a few synths that ive had hurdles with trying to get serviced by manufacturers (looking at you arturia) but also some issues that pop up are probably more easily vetted without having to ship stuff overseas. For those of us without DIY or EE knowledge a database would be a GREAT help. After talking with Jason at Avonsynth it seems he does repairs but is baaaacked up for quite some time, so he sent me small list (linked below) , but perhaps these and other members here might know of other options that could be added to some kind of forum database/sticky.



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